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Not so nice M!A list

  • Down with the Sickness:

    Muse has a special type of sickness, leaving them horribly ill and unable to care for themselves (Anon specifies symptoms). Last for 2 days.

  • Left for Dead:

    Muse has been kidnapped, beaten, and left for dead in the streets until someone finds them.

  • Lake of Fire:

    All liquid for your muse now suddenly burns if they try to drink anything. Lasts for 1 day.

  • The Animal Inside:

    Muse suddenly becomes a ______ (Anon specifies animal). Lasts for 12 hours.

  • Hungry Like the Wolf:

    Muse is starving, no matter what or how much they eat. Lasts 10 hours.

  • I Feel Like a Monster:

    Muse is sure they've done something horribly wrong, and refuses to believe otherwise. Lasts 5 hours.

  • So Cold:

    Muse is suddenly freezing, with no obvious cause--they're so shivery they can barely move! Lasts 10 hours.

  • Lights Out:

    Muse is blind. Lasts 12 hours.

  • Silence is Golden:

    Muse is deaf. Lasts 12 hours.

  • Just Dumb:

    Muse has lost their voice. Lasts 12 hours.

  • On My Own:

    Muse is lost, and will wander around _______ (Anon specifies place) until someone finds them and brings them home.

  • Walk Away From the Sun:

    Muse is "allergic" to sunlight--even a small exposure to it burns their skin. Lasts 24 hours.

  • Bloodletting:

    Muse is a vampire. Lasts 1 week.

  • Fear in Your Eyes:

    Muse is deathly afraid of _______ (Anon specifies fear). Lasts 12 hours.

  • Say You'll Haunt Me:

    Muse is a ghost, whom can only be seen if they want to be. Lasts 24 hours.

  • Broken:

    Muse is convinced they've lost someone/something dear to them, and are completely brokenhearted over it. Lasts 12 hours.

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